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ADR at Hoot Studios, Cardiff:

To book an ADR session at Hoot or for an ADR quote please email or give us a call on 02920 450 950 and we'll be happy to help.

Remote ADR & Remote Voiceover:

We've created remote recording kits that enable voice artists to record from the comfort of their own homes or from a set.

The remote recording kits have been designed to be easy to transport and use. They allow voice artists to connect with our studios using a combination of Source Connect Pro and Standard. Voice directors and clients are also able to listen in and talk with the voice artist.


Voice artists anywhere in the UK can receive our equipment via courier. The kits are thoroughly disinfected  before being despatched. The kit has been designed to make it as easy as possible for voice artists to setup and use.  Most of the computer settings have already been preconfigured so only a couple of mouse clicks and keyboard combinations are needed to get things going.


As in the studio, we have the ability to connect and record up to 4 voice artists from their homes, all at the same, in sync and all on their own discreet channels. They're also able to hear and react to each other, again perfect for radio dramas and podcasts. We are also able to record audiobooks and voiceovers remotely.


We are of course on hand to provide support in setting up the equipment, and we're also able to remotely control the computer too. 

Dubbing, Sound Design & Mixing:

If you have a project that requires dubbing, sound design or other audio post production then just drop us a line. We're able to complete this work remotely or at our post production facility in Cardiff.

To discuss your project call us on 02920 450 950 or email

ADR at Hoot Studios & Remote Services

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