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Our New Genelec 7270a with SAM Technology

Hoot Studios Audio Post Production Sound Design Cardiff

We have finally got our new Genelec 7270a sub with smart SAM technology installed in the studio and it's a beast! This has been on our hit list of items to get for the past few months and we have waited patiently for the right opportunity to swoop in on one and we can safely say that wait was worth it.

The sub now enables Hoot Studios to mix in 5.1 and potentially 7.1 surround sound which is just a tad exciting to say the least. I must admit I wasn't expecting it to be as big as it is. Its huge!! Carrying this thing is a full work out but once moved into the correct position the hard work is justified. The 7270a tech specs are impressive with it's 19Hz lower cut off frequency and high SPL output. The most impressive feature the 7270a boasts is it SAM technology. (Smart Active Monitoring) When connected to our Genelec 8250a monitors which also has the SAM technology you can calibrate all the monitors and sub to your acoustic environment automatically!! This process is done with Genelec's GLM 2.0 Loudspeaker Manager Package.

The loudspeaker kit comes with a special Genelec microphone that is used to capture all the parameters of your acoustic environment. Once it has analysed your room it then goes to work on calibrating the sub and the monitors you have set up in the room making sure that all the low, mid and high frequencies are all accurately tuned to your room. Pretty cool! But that's not all. Within the GLM software you can create calibration groups for different listening positions in the room. Obviously your main calibration group should be set to your (Mixers) ideal listening position when working but if you have a client sitting in a different position in the room, In our case a sitting area on a sofa at the back of the room you can open a different group you have already calibrated using the GLM microphone. The system will then recalibrate itself for that particular position in the room.

You can probably tell that we are super excited to start using these new toys. So on that note thanks for the read!

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