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Remote working is here to stay for some time to come so strong values and solid relationships with clients remain as key ingredients to its success. However, having the right tools for the job is also essential. We now have technologies readily available for remote voiceover & ADR sessions such as Source Connect Pro and Standard to enable us to communicate from far away locations. Utilising this technology we have been able to develop a reliable infrastructure to work remotely, in addition to socially distanced attended sessions in the studio; enabling the best solutions for collaboration.

Having the tools to remotely connect and record multiple voice artists from their homes, all at the same time, all able to hear each other in sync and all on their own discreet channels means that the task in hand is now easier than ever. When recording dialogue it is now possible to set up a Source-Connect Now Session to enable broadcast-quality audio streaming with multiple guests. The VO Director, Audio Producer and client are all able to virtually attend the recording session taking place in the voice actor’s home studio. The scripts are shared securely with voice actors and the VO Director and the raw audio is then sent by the voice actor to the engineer for editing, QC and file labelling.

Using a range of high-end equipment in home recording kits ensure a near studio experience, from the microphones to the compact interface and portable acoustic treatments to minimise sound reflections. Remote recording kits have been designed in house to be easy to transport, set-up and use, whilst being on hand to help with the setting up has proven valuable for those who need a bit of extra support.

But, remote working is not just about a successful recording, edit or mix. A workflow is like the main artery to the heart of what you do. A good workflow not only ensures good communication (the backbone of remote working) and accountability in the team but also promotes transparency. To establish successful remote workflows it’s important to identify what current workflows look like, and then use the tools at your disposal to retrofit them for the virtual workplace. An excellent workflow is about smart, flexible preparation that allows good collaboration with peers across time and space in a way that gives you an advantage.


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