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Need to rescue or restore some audio? Our Experience with iZotope's RX6 Advanced Plugin

We've recently purchased the latest version of iZotope's audio restoration software, RX6 Advanced. We had previously used RX5 Advanced on a couple of projects and were amazed with the results so we had high expectations.

I first heard about iZotope RX through Pro Tools Expert. The senior dubbing mixer from the 'Deadliest Catch' programs swore by this plugin when mixing his sound. The audio they would receive from the boats on the high seas, as you would imagine, could include all kinds of background noise, from bangs, thumps, to engine noise in the middle of a storm. Even with this level of background noise he was able to get a solid, clean mix by using iZotope's RX plugin.

iZotope RX6 Advanced

Since watching these clips and purchasing RX6 Advanced, iZotope have introduced some pretty cool new features to their latest offering. New tools like De-Wind, De-Rustle and Dialogue Isolater which can improve your location sound, saving you on re-recording time or having to dismiss footage due to poor sound. I have used De-Russtle on several projects, most recently a short film, to eliminate the rustling of radio mics on actors clothing and it's quite simply amazing. One thing I have learnt with RX6 is that you do have to be careful with how much you treat the clips, push it too far and it will of course sound over processed.

One plugin it really works well with is CEADAR DNSOne noise reduction. I have come to the conclusion that using these two pieces of software together can lead to amazing results.

I can safely say that iZotope's RX6 Advanced plugin is a very useful tool for us here at Hoot. Recently we were asked to remove some background noise from an interview filmed in a plant room, meaning the interview could be used instead of being left on the cutting room floor.

We'd love to show you what it can do. If you have audio that your worried about and feel that it can't be saved then send it over to us and we will show you how good RX6 is at restoring your audio.

Tel: 029 20 450 950

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