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Remote Voiceover Recording, ADR and Remote Dubbing

Post production isn’t about property it’s about creativity and the pandemic has forced the industry to creatively adapt working practices. Remote working is here to stay and with the right resources, collaboration doesn’t have to stop at the studio door.

Technologies now readily available for remote voiceover & ADR sessions such as Source Connect Pro and Standard enable us to communicate from far away locations. Utilising this technology at Hoot, we have been able to develop a reliable infrastructure to work remotely, in addition to socially distanced attended sessions in the studio; allowing us to offer the best solutions for remote collaboration.

Home Recording Kits

Our ability to connect and record up to 4 voice artists from their homes, all at the same time, all able to hear each other in sync and all on their own discreet channels means that the actor or voiceover artist is able to concentrate on what they do best, the acting!

One such example that springs to mind is a drama podcast we recorded for Universal during the first Coronavirus lockdown. We were asked to record the actors from their homes across London with Hoot Studio 1 in Cardiff acting as the main hub. Source Connect Pro was the perfect solution, enabling us to record the actors in high quality, no matter where they were.

The actors could all hear each other and we were also able to playback their takes to them without delay, as well as remote talkback from the voice director and producer.

We use a range of high-end equipment in our Home Recording Kits to ensure a near studio experience, from the microphones to the compact interface and portable acoustic treatments such as the Aston Halo to minimise sound reflections. The remote recording kits have been designed to be easy to transport, set-up and use. We’re also on hand to help with the setting up.

There are additional advantages to remote recording. Clients are now able to hear content the same way as the audience, on headphones and mobile phones. Having voice directors and clients able to listen in this way and review projects can help to create a product that is more compatible to the way we view our entertainment.

Remote ADR

The kits have also been used for remote ADR sessions such as on Channel 4’s highly acclaimed series ‘It’s A Sin’, enabling actors to record their ADR lines from home or set, with all the playback and necessary talkback to the directors wherever they may be.

The kits are very versatile and can be used for voiceovers, podcasts, radio shows as well as for drama and ADR.

Alongside the remote voice recording we’ve also developed an end to end remote working solution, allowing programmes and films to be dubbed remotely at Hoot. This solution saves on travel time for our clients, and also enables us to work with a whole range of new customers, no matter where they’re based in the country.

For more information drop us a line on 02920 450 950 or email


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